A New Era

Wow! What an amazing 4 year journey we have been on. August 16th will be our official 4 year anniversary since we moved from our original location into the old Connell Hardware building. It was an almost two year journey to renovate the lower level of our new building and get it open. It was so worth all the hard-work and tears. We can not begin to explain to you the difference having this space has made in our business. Our first night open we doubled our business. Our first year we nearly tripled our business. It has come with HUGE learning curves. Before we moved we had NEVER used a POS system and stuck to pen and paper. We had a small crew and with a bigger business comes bigger everything. It has not been easy by no means. We have learned all about serving staff, beer, pos systems, you name it. We have built a solid foundation here in our new location DESPITE all that 2020 brought and because of the support we are excited to serve the community in new ways.

Last week was the last phase of our big project and it was a bittersweet one. We have been talking about what to do with our original building for years. It has sat vacant due to the foundation being washed out, electric not meeting code, handicap accessibility is no longer grandfathered in, pipes were busted, and the list goes on. We had several people interested in the building and had inspectors and city officials walk through. We tried every option to be able to rent it out for other businesses. It was very clear with the extreme costs needed to get the building to code that it would never stop draining us pocket wise. It needed a new roof and so many other things that weren’t even in the mix of all the shocking quotes. We made the decision to tear the building down. When we made this decision the owner of the yoga studio was actually looking to sell as well. We came to find out his building had the same water damage ours did so we purchased the building from him and decided to go ahead and knock it down at the same time.

The beauty in all of this is it may never have been on our radar to demo our building that has been so special to our family but the timing of it all just worked out amazingly. July 10th is the Grand Opening of the event space upstairs (www.1883locale.com) of our building. It has been a 15 month journey to completion up there and tons of twists and turns along the way. The space outside will be a great compliment to the venue upstairs for outdoor events, cocktail hours, ceremonies and more. In addition to that we plan on having live music on the regular and creating the biggest outdoor patio space in Reynoldsburg.

All of these phases and journeys have been exhausting and emotionally and physically draining but we could not be more excited to see it come to completion. We want to jump back and honor the history that has got us to this point. We will miss seeing our old building every day. It was home to us and the memories and foundation it laid will never be lost. Here is to a new era and an amazing outdoor patio space coming by September 2021! 😀

Picture from 2017
Picture from 2016
Vicks in 1987 and Vicks in 2017
Louise and granddaughter Tara in 1984/1985
Original owners and first generations Hollis and Louise Vickers
Dining room 2016/2017
Feeling the growing pains and running out of cooler space HAHA! This was I think 2014/2015
Owners of Vick’s in the old pizza shop
Douglas Vickers on the front stairs of Vick’s Pizza in the 1960’s
The old patio and back of pizza shop
Charlotte with her granddaughter Feb 2015
Christene, granddaughter with her daughter in the old pizza shop
The last photos before the buildings were tore down.

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