Our Story

Vick and Louise, started in the pizza business at Cys Pizza in 1958, then called 3C Pizza. In 1961 they created Vick’s at the old Reynoldsburg location next to Connell Hardware, and in 1978 they handed down the Pizzeria to us! Now, we are excited to be serving our customers in the Old Connell Hardware building at 7345 E. Main Street! When you eat our pizza you know it’s Vick’s! Just ask our faithful customers who without them, we would not be here for 57+ years!

Meet the Team

We are a proud family owned business with what were feel is the greatest team around. We strongly believe that because of our TEAM over the years we are still counting the years and celebrating the legacy of Vick's.


Doug and Charlotte Vickers

Owners & Operators

Doug and Charlotte Vickers are the owners of Vick's Pizza and have been for almost 40 years. They make sure the shop is running up to their standards of quality. They operate as managers during shifts and oversee inventory and some of the CEO roles of the business.

Next Steps...

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