If you have missed out on the exciting news then you are in for a surprise! We have been dreaming up big dreams. We are expanding. Not just anywhere though.. into Connell Hardware next door. We will keep the original shop for a banquet styled room but move the dining and kitchen areas into Connell. We just received the keys November 1st and we  have been slowly working since. We are finally getting our plans finalized and are aiming to open in January 2016!

We have hit lots of roadblocks but because of the support and excitement from all of you we have overcome! We can’t wait to serve you all in our new home!


HVAC is done, hood system WAS done and now they had to come back. They are here today finishing up and fixing what they needed to to match the plans. Hopefully we will have the electrician in as soon as the New Year breaks and from there we just have some cosmetic construction. The kitchen is looking beautiful! We can’t wait to have all that space! We are getting so close and there is NO need to worry it is all just a time thing for us now. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we try to get this moving forward as quickly as we can!


We have made some serious headway these last few months and we are excited that we have crossed through some major barriers! We have great hope that we will be opening in the new location around September. The Mayor and the city are all so excited and that means the world to us. We will have the plans finalized for the LAST time this week and the teams will be free to start with the HVAC, plumbing and more! We really don’t have as much as some may think to do once we get rolling! We will let you know as soon as everything is official because then there is no looking back or hesitation! As a family we are excited to see this finally coming to fruition after all the ups and downs!


Can we be real honest with you? Just when we think we are taking 10 steps forward we realize we are taking a few steps back. We have had a lot of “surprise” news thrown on us this week from the fire department and many other issues we need to have resolved. The biggest problem we are facing is we only have occupancy in the new building for 49 people. That is WITH employees which can be 15+ on the weekends now, not considering what it would be in the new space. We have a hard time justifying such a big move for a dining room we would only be able to seat 35 people in. The space is 3,000+ square feet and should definitely seat more but the problem is with the sprinkler system. With a larger occupancy we must have a pretty hefty sprinkler system in which takes the budget of this project to a whole different level. We also are trying to get to the bottom of needing an ansel system which is also a HUGE investment. We thought we had this resolved 6 months ago but because there has been some job changes with the fire department and now we have a brand new building inspector. We feel like we are back to at square one in many ways and we are honestly just holding on. Please please pray for our family during this time that we can get the answers we need to know how to move forward. We just need concrete answers from everyone and need to know exactly what we need and what the costs are before we can move further. We know that THIS SHOULD happen and that Vicks would be GREAT in this new space. The city wants us over there and so does our customers. We know that this place would be a huge success. We are tired of playing the waiting game and hoping we can get some more direct answers from those who have a say in all of this soon. This is a crucial time for us and we would appreciate your thoughts as we try and move forward.


We finally submitted the plans to the city and they are on their desk! After several changes over the last 6 months we feel confident that they are good to go. The city said it should take a few weeks for the engineers and such to look things over. If all goes well we should be starting on the bathrooms, HVAC, plumbing, electric, etc by the end of the month. We are aiming to open sometime in April but we are well aware that it could be faster or longer depending on how things go. We will keep you posted but we know we are finally making some headway!


We are getting really excited. The architectural plans are finally in the last stages after needing to be changed several times. To be honest, we wanted this process to move a lot faster but we are counting our blessings. Over the last year we have been able to buy all of our equipment at auctions for the new shop. We would have never been able to do this all with out taking out a loan if things would have gone faster. We feel extremely blessed that we were able to pay for everything so far with cash and are taking that as a victory. A big lesson in this journey has been to celebrate how far we have come rather than look at what all still needs to be done. We are just as anxious as you to get in there but we know it will happen when it is meant to. We still can’t help but feel this was all meant to be and are just holding on to that.

We have done everything we can cosmetically but now we are waiting for the plans to get approved to start on the construction of the bathrooms, raising the floor up in the dining room, electrical, plumbing, hvac, and more. We have a team ready to go once everything is approved and feel it should only take us a few months after that is complete. The work we have completed and the equipment we have purchased is going to help move time forward once we are approved.

As soon as the plans are at the city and approved we will let you know! that will give us an exact time frame to aim for to open. For now check out pictures from Christmas on the Town from December 5th. We opened up Connell to show everyone a sneak of what we have done. It was incredibly cool to see people eating pizza in their and we couldn’t be more excited.

Talk to you soon!

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