It ONLY gets better!

As most of you know, we have been in our new building now a year and a half. We opened at Connell August 15th, 2018 and it has been so exciting! To say that ONLY wouldn’t be fair. It has been HARD and lots of learning lessons along the way! Now that we have our foundation down and we are comfortable with the new restaurant we are ready to keep dreaming and challenging ourselves to do things even better. This last year has been tough on our parents, Doug and Charlotte, but has been so rewarding for them. My sister Tara joined them full time helping with HR needs and more in 2018! Now 2019, I , Christene, am joining them to help grow the business more through marketing strategies and branding efforts. My parents are taking on different roles and our kitchen help is amazing. It is really awesome to see things growing and moving in the right direction. This last weekend we celebrated our biggest FRIDAY sales yet in our new building since the GRAND OPENING and with out any major events or holidays! So much to celebrate around here!

So the new website is creating ground work for more to come and we hope you will keep coming back to see what is going on! We are excited for our “little” pizza shop and excited to see all that is coming to Reynoldsburg! Thanks for choosing us and celebrating with us! 

– The Vickers Family